The Spirit decrees the beginning of the Devblog!

Hi there and welcome to our secret corner on the interweb – introductions are in order!


Spirit Tactic is an upcoming fantasy Real-Time Tactics multiplayer game coming on PC and mobiles in 2015.

In it you compete against fellow players or AI to have a blast of raw concentrated gameplay – super-accesible hedonism at your fingertips!


You have a Hero unit and a 5-unit Squad that you use to Capture the Nodes, Capture the flag, or King-of-the-hill your way to success in the realm. You use your wits to out-maneuver your opponents, you beat the odds and you WIN. You rise on the Leaderboard and show your friends on social media that numbers really do matter!

Not only that, but you’ll trigger the envy of hipsters across the world by supporting an obscure indie project and rewarding the hard work of some eastern-european indie devs!


We’re Adrian and Daniel, we’re two devs from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We’ve been working in the game industry on commercial projects for quite a few years, and now we’re using that experience to make this project the best it can be. We both love strategy games, but since we’re only two people, Strategy would have been insane to make, so we knocked it back to it’s essentials – multiple units, tight controls, simple rules.

Looking left and right, we saw that the Real-Time-Tactics niche is under-represented, so we’re stepping up to the plate to make our contribution!

We grew up with all the awesome classics like the Command and Conquer series, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Quake, Unreal Tournament – all of these shape what we want to achieve with Spirit Tactic: competitive, super-fun fast-paced gameplay Frankensteined from all the good concepts we’ve enjoyed over the years.

We know we’ll love this game, and we’re working hard to breathe life and personality in it so that you will too! We’re going forward, come with us!