Tiny team

“Tell me Spirit, will Tiny Team live?”

It’s pretty badass to be part of a small team. On one hand, decisions are reached far faster, easier, and more time can be spent on implementing rather than on meetings and coordination. On the other hand, when a team member is held up with other commitments, productivity can drop to half just like that.

That’s a long and winding way of saying that we’re in a slow season right now, both of us are alternating between doing our best on Spirit Tactic and handling urgent and nonetheless important non-Spirit stuff in our lives. From experience, seasons like these always precede an explosive movement forward – like a rubber band – the farther it’s pulled back, the farther it flies when it snaps!

And yes, the optimistic analogies are necessary. Like hot cocoa in the wintertime.

Since we’re on the topic, this here is a Soulcatcher.


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