What we’re going for with this game is to create something that we’d choose to play ourselves, and something we’d have a lot of fun with.

Always committed to keeping it simple, exciting, fast paced, lighthearted and engaging.

In a way, we’re getting the most out of it because we’ve already gained immeasurable experience making it, designing it, working on it diligently and most importantly NEVER giving up on it. You can’t imagine how awesome it is to see it on the horizon as a release, shippable and finally playable fo’ da masses! Still ironing out some features and bugs, balancing some characters and polishing some maps, making sure the controls are nice and that visuals are clear – a lot of extra hours but it’s always worth it!

We’re really excited to prepare to get the demo at your fingertips and hope that the giant momentum and hype translates and rubs off on you too, cause from here on out it can only get better!



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